An Introduction

Hello Beautiful People,


I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Amber and I’m the one (wo)man show behind BENEVOLO. I’m a small business with big cruelty-free dreams.


BENEVOLO was created out of my passion for premium quality handbags as well as my passion for animals & kindness.


I have always had a handbag obsession, never shoes, never clothes - just handbags. Handbags have always been my thing. I guess I love the way they make me feel and how they can dress up and compliment any outfit. I have always believed in classic timeless designs, good craftsmanship and longevity when purchasing a handbag.


In the last year or so I have evolved a lot as a person after learning in depth about the animal agriculture industry, leather industry and dairy industry & was completely heartbroken by what I had contributed to in the past.


Not wanting to fund these industries anymore, I began to research vegan alternatives and I was so impressed by the luxurious vegan brands I discovered. The impeccable craftsmanship was second to none & the innovation behind the materials used in production blew me away. Apple Leather, Freedom Leather, Piñatex, lining made from recycled plastic bottles - I had never heard of these fabrics before and was completely amazed by how clever the world can be.


I had always believed animal leather was premium and anything else would fall apart (because that’s what society teaches us), but anyone that researches the leather industry in depth would learn that this is far from the truth. There really is nothing luxurious about leather. The real beauty is in premium vegan leather which is in fact more durable, sustainable and better for not only our animals but the environment. It’s a real “feel good” investment piece that you feel proud to wear.


I have found some incredible brands from all over the world that I’m truly passionate about - whose values align with mine and I can’t wait to bring them to BENEVOLO and share them with you.


Amber xx

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