Do you have a question or clarification about Benevolo or our range of luxury vegan handbags?

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What is Benevolo...and what does Benevolo mean?

Benevolo is an Australian owned and operated vegan online retailer. ‘Benevolo’ means kind and well meaning in Italian, and it perfectly captures our ethos as a brand.

Where is Benevolo HQ?

We are based in the fashion-forward city of Melbourne, Australia, but our business is operated entirely online.

Why should I switch to vegan fashion?

Leather production and processing contribute first hand to the destruction of our environment, not to mention the millions of animals that lose their lives each year in the name of “fashion”.
With that being said, we believe the real question should be “why shouldn’t I switch to vegan fashion?”. You can read more about the environmental and societal impacts of the leather industry here.

What is vegan leather? What other materials do vegan fashion brands utilise?

Vegan leather is handcrafted from alternative sustainable materials to perfectly emulate all of the properties of real leather you are accustomed to.
You can read more about the various animal free materials our brands use here.

Will my vegan handbag stand the test of time like real leather?

Yes! Vegan leather and the other sustainable materials used by our suppliers are as sturdy, durable and long-wearing as regular leather. Without the guilt factor.

Why should I buy from Benevolo?

Benevolo offers beautifully crafted, vegan handbags to Australians who have less sustainable fashion choices to choose from than other countries. We offer only the best handcrafted handbags from ethical manufacturers across the world, ensuring Australians can also have access to the innovative world of free fashion.

What brands do you stock?

Benevolo currently stock luxury vegan handbag brands Alexandra K and JW PEI, but check back as we will we be adding other brands to our range. View our current range here.

Can I trust the brands are as ethical as you say?

Yes. We have a strict operating procedure when selecting brands to stock. This is to ensure that our suppliers are ethical, sustainable and offer only the highest quality cruelty-free handbags. These brands are ethical not only in their mission to minimise their impact on the environment, but through their humane approach to using animal free materials and providing safe and fair working conditions for their employees.

In addition to your vegan range, do you give back in any other way?

Absolutely. Paying it forward is all part of our brand mission. $5 from every Benevolo purchase goes directly to Edgar’s Mission, a Victorian animal sanctuary that does important work. You can read more about Edgar’s Mission here.

Where do you ship to?

We offer Domestic and International shipping. You can read more about our shipping terms here.

Do you accept returns?

Our detailed Shipping & Returns policy details outlines our stance on returns. You can read it here.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, Afterpay, Apple Pay, Laybuy and Google Pay.

Do you have social media channels I can check out?

We sure do! You can follow Benevolo on Instagram. We regularly post inspirational content, product information and tips on how to lead a more ethical life.

How can I contact you?

The quickest way to get in touch with Benevolo is via email. You can send any questions or concerns to hello@benevolo.com.au.

Where is your mandatory legal information?

You can find our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Shipping & Returns information in our footer. Just scroll to the bottom!