Giving Back

Benevolo supports Edgar’s Mission

$5 from every Benevolo purchase goes directly to Edgar’s Mission.

The work of Edgar’s Mission is so important. And it’s just as important for you to know where your money goes so that together we can give back to the animals, the community and the environment.

What is Edgar’s Mission?

Edgar’s Mission is a not-for-profit farmed animal sanctuary located just outside the town of Lancefield in the foothills of the Macedon Ranges, an hour from Melbourne’s CBD.

Pam walking the baby lambs

What kinds of animals live at Edgar’s Mission?

Edgar’s Mission is a sanctuary for around 450 rescued farmed animals, including sheep, cows, pigs, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, goats and more.

Their mission is to provide shelter and direct care for homeless, abused, injured or abandoned animals, as well as empowering the public to expand their circle of compassion to include all animals. This is achieved through education, outreach, advocacy and sanctuary tours. Edgar’s Mission also runs a rehoming program, adopting suitable residents to loving forever homes.

Why do they focus on rehabilitating and rehoming farmed animals?

With numerous organisations doing great work to rehome cats and dogs and wildlife carers providing a network of coverage across the country, what becomes of farmed animals?  These beings are largely forgotten from our animal protection legislation and often forgotten from people’s thoughts, however they are never forgotten by Edgar’s Mission.

Struck by the fact that farmed animals had nowhere to live lives where they were valued for who they were, not for what they could provide, Edgar’s Mission trotted into gear. Many animals enter the sanctuary in need of immediate care and veterinary treatment, with some requiring ongoing rehabilitation in order to lead full and happy lives.

The organisation’s rehoming program exists to ensure each and every animal has the opportunity at a life worth living. By rehoming suitable animals to loving forever homes, Edgar’s Mission is able to continue taking in those in need as well as maintaining a high level of care for the remainder of their rescued animal residents.

Goat in a wheelchair

How does Edgar’s Mission fund their incredible work?

Edgar’s Mission relies entirely on donations and support from the public to continue their work and fund their mission of kindness.

How did Benevolo choose Edgar’s Mission to pledge part of their profits to?

Here at Benevolo, we are strongly connected with Edgar’s Mission’s ethos that animals are always friends first. We have great respect for their humane mission to give farmed animals the happy life they deserve, where they aren’t just seen as a means to an end. We’ve been lucky enough to visit the sanctuary and have seen the fantastic work they do.

Lamb sleepingcalf and lamb sleeping

Is Edgar’s Mission open to the public?

They are indeed! Edgar’s Mission runs tours of their beautiful sanctuary for visitors. Bookings are essential and can be made via their website:

Tell them we said hi!

How can I continue to help Edgar’s Mission directly?

Thankfully, there’s lots of ways you can support Edgar’s Mission in addition to making a purchase from Benevolo. You can organise to make a once-off or regular monetary donation, nominate a bequest in your will, choose a personalised “Gift of Kindness” (such as a lamb bottle or hay) from their website or stock up on some fantastic merchandise in their shop. All of these also make for a thoughtful, unique gift for a loved one.

For direct donations of food, bedding or clothing for their many residents, please contact Edgar’s Mission directly.

Piglet shaking hands

Can I follow Edgar’s Mission on social media?

You sure can. Stay up to date with the goings-on at Victoria’s best animal sanctuary on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. But be warned, the cuteness level is almost hard to resist.

Um… who’s Edgar?

Edgar was the beloved rescue pig of Edgar’s Mission founder Pam, and it’s in his honour that this incredible sanctuary continues to provide the care and compassion it does today. Thank you Edgar and thank you Pam!


Edgar laying in straw with human and rooster