Our Brands

Alexandra K Logo

Alexandra K was founded in 2014; it was their goal to create a 100% animal cruelty free and vegan high fashion brand. Their designs are simple, elegant and functional, using innovative materials ranging from silicon-based 'freedom leather' to leather made from pineapple and apple skins. Never compromising on quality, each piece is hand-crafted from beginning to end by a quality artisan in their local Fairtrade workshops in Poland.

JW Pei logo

JW PEI launched in 2016 with the vision that the future of fashion should be ethical and sustainable. Committed to designing high-end fashion with 100% premium vegan leather, they are demonstrating how a fashion brand can push the boundaries to make products that are beautiful, sustainable and cruelty-free. Over 50% of their material is made from recycled plastic — with the ambition of going 100% and replacing the major material with recycled materials by 2023.
JW PEI gives back to animal sanctuaries around the world by donating 10% of their profits.