Our Story

Benevolo - adjective /be’nɛvolo/
Kind. Well meaning.


Mindful beginnings

Benevolo founder and owner Amber Raffaele has loved high fashion handbags from the time she was a young girl. And just as much, she has always held a deep compassion for animals.

But like so many of us, with age came a newfound sense of responsibility as a consumer.

Through extensive research, Amber became aware of the major impact the fashion industry continues to have on the environment, as well as on the animal agriculture industry. The dark inner workings of the leather industry were startling to Amber, and so the idea for Benevolo was born...

Purchase ethically and change the world

It goes without saying that the leather industry works against the rights of all animals utilised in its fabric production. In addition, the individuals and communities at the centre of this ever-booming business suffer as a result of heavy leather processing and dyeing. Not to mention the environment.

Leather is now redundant, thanks to tried and tested vegan alternatives. World class, premium handbags and accessories made from the best alternative, sustainable materials that exactly mimic all of the properties of real leather that you are used to.

A style destination for conscious Australians

Australians are just as style conscious as the rest of the world, but we often struggle to find top quality, high fashion items available on our doorstep.

Benevolo is proud to offer the best selection of vegan handbags in Australia, from the most trustworthy and ethical brands in the business. Our brands treat their workers, our animals and the environment with the respect they deserve.

We give back

Animal conservation and care is at the foremost of our minds at Benevolo, and giving back to local organisations that share our mission is important to us.

As a result, $5 from every Benevolo sale will go directly to Edgar’s Mission, a not-for-profit animal sanctuary nestled in the beautiful Macedon Ranges of Victoria. Their mission is kindness, and so is ours.

We hope that by continuing to shine a spotlight on the amazing work this organisation does, we can encourage more Australians to embrace a more ethical lifestyle.

Benevolo’s ethos and vision

As for what Benevolo aims to achieve in the Australian high fashion market, Amber puts it best.

“I created Benevolo as a platform to house all the amazing brands I fell in love with, so that they can be easily accessible by the stylish Aussie with a conscience. Having used these brands personally, I am so proud to share the story behind the design of the bag, what materials it is made from and how it was made.”

We look forward to sharing our journey with you.