Washable Paper

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Ahimsa Collective's Washable Paper is produced in Europe.


The manufacturer that Ahimsa Collective choose to work with is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified, which is a symbol of the guarantee of textiles tested for harmful substances.

This guarantee is published by an independent research institute OEKO-TEX® holding professional laboratories around the world, which carry out detailed studies of textiles. All OEKO-TEX® institutes are the same throughout the world and uphold the same level of high-quality expectations.

Ahimsa Collective's washable paper is FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council). The scope of this certification covers the first stage of the production chain which is the extraction of the raw material.

The main criteria and the reason Ahimsa Collective choose to work with their partner is that the FSC includes aspects such as:

  • Protection against illegal use and construction in forest areas
  • Ensuring the right to use the forest resources of indigenous peoples and local communities
  • Protecting the wellbeing and safety of forest workers
  • The protection of rare and endangered animals and their habitat
  • Limitation of the use of chemical plant protection products (especially pesticides), fertilisers and biological control
  • Strict monitoring and monitoring of the use of alien species
  • Maintenance or improvement of the condition of forests of high conservation value
  • A ban on new plantations at the expense of natural forests and semi-natural

Washable Paper Care

Ensure you avoid all oils, perfumes or chemicals from coming into contact with your washable paper products. 

If they do need a pamper and refresh, handwash only. These products are not machine washable.